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Gracie Harding

Selected Net Art Works

tempfiles: The Internet Explorer history of a woman surfing the web one day at work - 2008

The Family Bible of Mernie Wysel - 2006

Journey Behind The Clouds- 2012

The Lamentations of Jeremiah

Collections Series Net Art

Garbage Collectors

Warning - The contents of tempfiles and the Collections Series are for mature audiences only and may not be suitable for minors. If you are a minor, do not proceed.

About tempfiles, Family Bible, Journey, Lamentations, and the Collection Series

Artist Profile

Gracie Harding is a thirty something artist living in the Detroit, MI area. She is a graduate of Case Western Reserve. In addition to photography, painting and computer generated art, Gracie is a lycrist and percussionist for the Boing Boing Boing, a cutting edge rock band in Detroit.

Artist Statement

My work has evolved over the past few years to focus more and more on finding art in technology. Combining people with the technology they use every day provides a huge canvas that reflects life like a Matisse painting. And beneath the layers of that picture are the bits of love, toil, disgust, enchantment, and sometimes desperation that make up our daily lives. Unlocking these emotions provides a vivid reminder of our basic humanness no matter who deeply we are entrenched with our iPhones, TVs and computers.

Note on the Collection Series

The Collection Series is a set of NetArt works centered around words and photographs from the Personals section of Craigslist. As Harding notes in her Statement above, she constantly discovers art in technology and the associations in Craigslist provides the foundation for five fine pieces of art (Tits and Ass #1 was not inspired by Craigslist) we publish here. The themes of the Collection Series are love and desire between men and women, women and women and men and men. Sometimes the images portrayed here are crude; but there is a poingancy of one human searching for another that wraps an aura around each piece.

Harding is currently working on two additional Collection Series pieces with will appear in the Summer and Winter of 2014.


Address and Contact Information


101 W. Canfield St.

Detroit, MI 48201

Contact: Through New Hudson Exit