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Jerrold McKinsey

Jerrold McKinsey Picture

Selected Poems

Aggie (2014)

The Third Recollection Of Vester Presley On His Nephew Elvis (2013)

Star Stuck (2011)

Snakes, In My Heart-Blood Warmed (2014)

The Last Days Of Allen Perdew (2017)

Not The Resurrection (2005)

Journey Behind The Clouds (2012)


Artist Profile

Jerrold McKinsey is a native Toner. He was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington and graduated from UCLA. He returned to the Northwest after graduate school and has lived in Spokane for nearly 20 years. McKinsey has published three volumes of poetry and contributed to numerous publications including The Atlantic, The New Yorker and Poetry magazines.

Artist Statement

I grew up with the prose of Ernest Hemingway, the verse of Robert Frost and the music of Woody Gutherie. Those three guys continue to rattle around inmy head. They provide underlying theme and rhythm in my verse. My life has been a rocky journey, a search for the symmetries between nature, God and the daily tasks of living. Love is the prism through which these symmetries are reflected and my words a description, albiet a reaching one, of that reflection.


Address and Contact Information

Springboard To Eternity

P.O. Box 2015

Spokane, WA 99201

Contact: Through New Hudson Exit