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Ping Pong Wilson

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Selected Poems

Gabapentine (2012)

Fire and Ass (2014)

Westie Song (2013)

I Love Donald Trump (2017)

Jimmy John's (2017)

Shed No Tears For Melania Dear (2018) [Essay]

How To Enrich Uranium The Easy Way



Artist Profile

Ping Pong Wilson is a pseudonym of a southern US writer.

Artist Statement

By profession, I write news and features for papers, magazines and Internet News Services. My days are filled with interviews, deadlines, arguments with editors, more deadlines, cropped crap, and then instant message rants to my wife. Typical writer stuff.

There are times when I just hate writing. But when I can unwind and press the pause button for a couple of hours, I think about what I'd really write about if I were someone else. Then I thought - why not. Ping Pong Wilson is one of my alter egos. The stuff I write as him various from the sublime to shit. But hey, who cares? I write what I want and publish what I can. I keeps me sane. I hope it makes you think and smile.


Address and Contact Information

Ping Pong Wilson

2201 NE 66th St

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Contact: Through New Hudson Exit