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Sheila Meiers

Shiela Meiers Picture

Selected Poems

Chemlo (2014)

Four Waka (2006-2008)

Hack Waka - Snakes (2010-2012)

Lamentation (2013)

Sonya's Song (2010)

Lungotevera (2017)

The Lovely Girl In The Back Of The Room (2015)

Philip Larkin Holy Cow (2017)


Artist Profile

Sheila Meiers is a transplanted Mid-westerner living in Vermont. She has written four volumes of poetry (Ice on the Roof, Major Possum Meets His Match, Fires and Elegy to Michele).

Artist Statement

Poetry, as an art form, has become largely irrelevant to mainstream society. Neither Amazon or Apple are fighting over fees to poets for their latest verse. A new volume of poetry is 'marketed' (if the concept even applies anymore) in academic circles and puff-puff libraries.

I am not trying to lead some revolution to revive poetry as a art from for the masses. I am trying to write verse that is accessible; words than can be blended with music or images to create a fabric this sensual, attractive and satisfying to the eye, ear and soul.


Address and Contact Information

Newberry Publishing

125 Baldwin St

Montpelier, VT 05633

Contact: Through New Hudson Exit