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Gracie Hardie Describes Her Work.

tempfiles: The Internet Explorer history of a woman surfing the web on day at work - 2008

tempfiles is based on actual Internet Explorer temporary files found on a PC that had been discarded by a local business as part of their PC replacement program. The hard drive should probably have been erased but was not. While rummaging through the hard drive, I looked at the IE tempfiles and found the images you see here. There were of course, hundreds of other tempfiles with snippets of HTML - enough for me to figure out that the PC's owner was a woman and she was doing her surfing while working.

To me, this is a powerful image. A woman - obviously sensual - seeking release from the ennui of work through sexual fantasies and desire.

The Family Bible of Mernie Wysel - 2006

Gracie Hardie has not provided any background on this work at this time.

The Collection Series - 2009 to 2012

I love surfing through Craigslist!! The pictures that people adorn their postings with are incredible. The Collection Series reflect several years of Craigslist surfing and some of the pictures that attracted me. Arranged, of course, is sets of tasteful collages.

The Lamentations of Jeremiah- 2011 to 2013

Jeremiah wrote the Book of Lamentations to express his profound sorrow for the destruction of Jerusalem around 600BC. The Book consists of five poems that describe the wrath of God against His people for their sins; His complete destruction of Jerusalem, the enslavement of Israel and the death of many of her people; the immense suffering of the Isralites and their entreaties to God to atone for their sins. Jeremiah's words are as hearbreaking today as they were 2700 years ago. His story has been repeated century after century. We act without consciousness of the consequences of our actions. We suffer. We pray. We somehow revive. And then we forget.