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Taylor Southgate Bridge Graffiti

Artist Name - artist image Eszpebea

SB? BS? This is Eszpebea's mark.

Selected Works

Southgate Bridge Graffiti - 2012

Southgate Bridge II- 2013

Southgate Bridge III- 2014

The Taylor Southgate Bridge connects Newport, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. On the Cincinnat side, the bridge ends a stone's throw from the Red's ball park and the Cyclone's hockey arena. The bridge gets A LOT of walkers coming from Kentucky to the games.

Southgate Bridge Graffiti 2012

September 2012

We first saw the poetry in July 2012 but don't know when Eszpebea actually started the work. The artist writes on all parts of the bridge - railings, beams, sidewalks and steps. The Kentucky Department of Transportation works almost as hard as Eszpebea to paint over or sand away the work.

What is pictured here are twelve fragments on the bridge beams from the July-August 2012 period. They are all gone now. The last we looked, Eszpebea was doing the sidewalk on the southside of the bridge. It will probably be gone in a couple of weeks but by then the artist will be back somewhere else.

Southgate Bridge II - 2013

March 2013

We returned to Cincinnati in early Spring 2013. As we said above, all of the 'original' graffit was painted over by the Kentucky DOT. However, the structure has be christened a 'Free Art Bridge' and several different artists have taken advantage of it. Eszpebea is back but with more graphics than prose works. There are at least two other artists who have joined in the bridge work.

We expect the DOT to clean up the bridge again once the weather warms. We will be back in Cincinnati in early summer and see how the bridge has changed. As long as Eszpebea and the other artists who have created the bridge's canvas create, we will keep adding to this collection.

Southgate Bridge III - 2014

June 2014

In May 2014, the Kentucky DOT had managed to clean up all the 2013 graffiti. The bridge columns and sweeps stood clean, ready for new art. It did not take long. Seven poems by Eszpebea appeared somewhere between the last week of May and the second week June. We managed to be in town then and captured it before DOT got around to cleaning it up.

What we don't know is whether these poems stand alone by themselves or whether they are part of a new series by Eszpebea. We will not be in Cincinnati for several months so we are asking some friends to check the bridge out every week or so and see if new ones are added or if DOT has done its nefarious work. Stay tuned - we will update this description in mid-July and let you know what happens.

This is people's art at its finest - open, accessible, changing, and beautifully written and drawn.