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About The New Hudson Exit

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THE NEW HUDSON EXIT was established by Arfie Harvey and me (Ralph Beaumont) in 2012 as a website to share digital art, electronic music and selected prose and poetry pieces. The artists presented here have been friends of Arfie and me through our long careers of managing and owning art galleries. A Blog has just been added to the site and gives me a forum to discuss some of the pieces displayed here; it also allows me to share my thoughts on a particular day. It's called Ralph's Blog but everyone is welcome to contribute to it.

Although you will find a diverse number of art styles on this site, our primary focus is on NetArt. This is art wherein the visual media relies upon programming and a viewer's interaction to be discovered. NetArt artists such as Olia Lianlina, Geoffery Lillemon or Alexei Shulgin provide excellent examples of how NetArt is visually stunning, intellectually provokative and slyly amusing. See the Links sections for ways to see examples of their work.

We think you will find the works Gracie Harding and Michael Townsend we share at the New Hudson Exit to have some of those same characteristics. Both Gracie and Michael are friends who agreed to let us pick some of our favorite pieces to show here.

We are also are publishing poems by Sheila Meiers and Eszpebea. Meiers uses conventional pen and paper (or Word for all I know) to write her poems. Ezbebea uses bridges and sidewalks. We did our best to capture Ezbebea's flowing words down and across bridge girters. If any of the flow was lost, we, rather than Ezbebea, are to blame.

I mentioned earlier that we would post electronic music pieces on this site as well. We are still working on getting that part up so you will not see electronic music on the menu yet. Look for us to expand the site to include it during the Summer of 2013.

This a digital art sharing site. We hope to continually to expand the works we share. If you'd like more information about the artists here, follow the hyperlinks on this page or on the menu selection pages. You can always contact them at Contact Us. If you are a digital art artist and want to share some of your items, we'd like to hear from you. Just email us from the Contact Us page.

Regards - Ralph Beaumont