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RALPH BEAUMONT has worked in the world of fine arts for over 30 years. He began his career as associate curator then surator for the Pottsville Art Center in Pottsville, PA. Over a period of ten years, Ralph tripled the Art Center's endowment fund and curated over a dozen internationally acclaimed shows. In 1995, Ralph teamed up with Arfie to open the STRATUS Gallery in Miami. STRATUS was an early participant and promoter of the Art Basel show that takes place annually in Miami Beach. In 2011, Ralph and Arfie sold STRATUS and began work on developing a website to show case the art they love.

Check out Ralph's BLOG for what's new on this site, snippets of news that we think will interest you and Ralph's random, often rambling thoughts.

WINSTON "ARFIE" HARVEY has dual degrees in Art Appreciation and Computer Science from Mallory University. Arfie was a member of the NYC DESSING-SMOG group in the 1980s and pioneered digital technology to graphic design and illustration. Arfie teamed up with Ralph in the 1995 to open the STRATUS Gallery. Arfie is the webmaster for this site.

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The NEW HUDSON EXIT was the name of a teen dance club Arfie helped build in 1966 while in high school in Canfield, OH. The name comes from a freeway exit signed one of Arfie's friends pilfered on a trip earlier that year. Arfie named the dance club after that sign - it had a cool, sixties ring to it. The club only lasted six months but the name lived on. Firstly in a Youngstown, OH rock band who adopted it as their name (you can still find some of their songs on You Tube). And now here.